SAIC Volkswagen plunged 15% in August!

Different from the popularity of Japanese cars in the country, the Volkswagen among German cars has gradually fallen behind in recent years, and its competitiveness has been slightly weak. In terms of power, there is no hybrid and pure electric assembly, and the iconic dual-clutch transmission has been criticized by many car owners.


In terms of appearance, it always adheres to the strategy of pulling the holster, and the interior design style is one era behind the mainstream of the current auto market. However, with the “VW” high-end German car logo, it is still a first-class manufacturer in the domestic auto market. It’s just that the market is like a boat sailing against the current, others are making progress, but they are standing still. Recently, domestically produced cars have gradually eroded the market share of joint venture brands, which is the best example.


As for SAIC Volkswagen, since it was hit hard by China Insurance Research Passat the year before, it has suffered a crisis of quality trust, and its competitiveness has become weaker without new models, and sales have experienced a cliff-like decline. Nowadays, there is a shortage of chips. Under multiple crises, SAIC Volkswagen’s sales situation has become less optimistic.




A few days ago, SAIC Group announced August 2021 production and sales data: In August this year, SAIC Group’s total sales reached 453,408 new cars, and the cumulative sales from January to August reached 3,103,239, a year-on-year increase of 3.07%.


Among them, SAIC Volkswagen , the leader in joint venture brands , sold 123,000 vehicles in August. Although there was still a 15.16% decline year-on-year, it increased by 75.5% month-on-month. From January to August, SAIC-Volkswagen’s cumulative terminal sales were 72.5. Million vehicles, down 15.29% year-on-year.


It seems that the sales performance is not bad, but a more worrying fact is that as of August, the sales of the three independent car companies, Changan, Geely, and Great Wall, have exceeded SAIC Volkswagen.


In the past, SAIC Volkswagen’s sales accounted for the first place in the domestic car sales list for the whole year, and the sales of independent brand car companies can reach half of this, which is a great achievement. Today, the domestically produced Chinese brands that are catching up have completed the surpassing of SAIC Volkswagen.


Previously, SAIC Volkswagen’s Passat incident, and SAIC Volkswagen, which was self-administered, chose cold treatment and hoped to wait until the heat passed. However, contrary to expectations, along with “buy a car and give it a helmet” and “being hit by a big V from a big road car”, Passat once contracted a hot spot in the domestic auto circle for nearly a year. Now when consumers mention Passat again, first Lenovo It may be the famous scene of China Insurance Research Institute, rather than it was the official car of countless units before.


It can be said that the cold treatment of SAIC Volkswagen has caused the public to question its quality, and has been fermented and disseminated to the maximum. Today, if SAIC Volkswagen wants to restore this trust relationship, it can be said to be even more difficult. The decline in sales is the most direct manifestation.


In addition, in recent days, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Dis said in an interview with CNBC: “Due to the shortage of chips, we are losing the Chinese market.” However, judging from the performance of SAIC Volkswagen in the past two years, the trouble that Volkswagen has encountered in China is far more than the lack of core.

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