Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth & Biography [2022 Updated]

Sarah Jessica Parker is a Hollywood actress who has an estimated net worth of $200 million. Her combined assets with her long-time husband and fellow actor Matthew Broderick total up to this impressive sum.

In addition, she starred in 94 episodes for six seasons of Sex And The City, making her famous around America. Then appeared again later Premiering two feature films together alongside 10 episode revival shown through HBO Max called “And Just Like That,” where it earned four Golden Globe Awards, 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Emmy Awards.

How does Sarah Jessica Parker’s make money?

Sarah Jessica Parker’s primary source of income is her acting career. She has starred in many films and television shows over the years, including Sex and the City, which ran for six seasons on HBO. Parker has also made money through endorsements and product placements. In recent years, she launched her own fashion line, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker. She also has a perfume line and a shoe line. All of these ventures have helped Sarah Jessica Parker to amass a fortune. As of 2018, her net worth is estimated to be $200 million.

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Net Worth:$200 Million
Date of Birth:March 25, 1965 (57 years old)
Height:5 ft 2 in (1.6 m)
Profession:Actor, Film Producer, Television producer, Model, Singer, Voice Actor, Businessperson
Nationality:United States of America

Early life

Sarah was born in 1965, the fourth of eight siblings. Her childhood was spent in poverty following her mother’s divorce and a rigorous father. He wanted to be a writer but couldn’t find success writing scripts for TV or movies until he joined forces with Parker’s older brother becoming what they call “a team” – eventually winning awards together after their impressive careers ended.

In 1976 when she won her first role as an actress on television while still only eight years old, there were many more ahead.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s major success was starring in the cultural phenomenon that is Sex and City. This cult role, which among other things, made her fabulously wealthy (to say nothing about all those designer clothes), has been reprised by who else but herself? The actress-turned-fashion designer launched her line of affordable clothing items under $20 with Steve & Barry’s.

Sarah Jessica Parker is more than just a talented actress. She has been designing clothes with Halston and released her line of best-selling fragrances that cost 18 million dollars last year alone! Furthermore, we can find the NYC scent by SJP, which also had its success on fragrance shelves around America back when it came out–you know what they say: if you want something done right.

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When Parker was 11, she took ballet and acting classes. Her mother wanted to get into the entertainment industry so their children could have opportunities like this one- though not necessarily on stage or related somehow! At age 12, they moved from New York City back home base, where more audiences would pay good money just to see someone perform without having any discernible talent whatsoever (not to mention how much easier financially!). But despite these benefits being bolstered by family ties already established within show business during that period–as well as growing up surrounded by performing artists, Sarah’s parents were very supportive of their children and always wanted what was best for them.

Sex and the City Salary/Earnings

Sarah Connor has the highest-paid per episode salary in television history. She set this record after receiving a pay raise before season four of 2001. That also gave her producer credit and, thanks to it, for three final seasons, aired between 2001 – 2004. She earned $3 million every time they filmed 46 episodes over those periods, equating to approximately $138,000 per episode.

Sara earned roughly $50 million over the first three seasons and 48 episodes. She brought her earnings from HBO alone to around 200M by herself. For 2021’s 10-episode revival “And Just Like That,” Sara got a whopping 1mil per episode which is more than all of her co-stars combined, making less than 3%.

Personal life

Sarah Jessica Parker was born on March 25, 1965, in Nelsonville, Ohio. She is the fourth of eight children born to Barbara and Stephen Parker. Her mother was a teacher, and her father was a journalist. Sarah began acting early, appearing in school plays and community theater. She made her Broadway debut in 1976, at the age of 11, in The Innocents.

Sarah has been married to actor Matthew Broderick since 1997. They have three children together: James Wilkie, born in 2002, and twins Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, born in 2009.

In 2010, Sarah and Matthew purchased a townhouse in Greenwich Village for $19 million. The couple also owns properties in Los Angeles and the Hamptons.

Real Estate

Sarah and Matthew’s New York City townhouse was a struggle. They spent $18 million on it in March of 2011, but when they tried to sell for more than what their renovations cost them- not even two years later- the asking price had dropped below half! After losing almost all its value because buyers would reimburse themselves instead with no interest towards paying off these expensive improvements, Sarah finally agreed that there were easier ways out if this situation didn’t change soon enough alone.

The couple’s love for luxury living is evident in their spending power. Sarah and Matthew have invested $34 million on two side-by-deal NYC townhouses combined into one 14000 sq ft mansion with 2100 outdoor space plus 50 feet of street frontage.

They lived nearby when Broderick and Parker first started their ambitious property development project in New York. One of the homes was a townhouse purchased back in 2000 for 2.995 million dollars. It is precisely how much it sold this past January 2020 when listed on sale at 19 Million USD! The couple eventually offloaded onto another party while keeping hold of two modest properties on Long Island’s East Coast: Hamptons Dance Studio(2006) & Amagansett House (2010).

Net worth

Sarah Jessica Parker is a Hollywood actress who has an estimated net worth of $200 million. Her combined assets with her long-time husband and fellow actor Matthew Broderick total up to this impressive sum.


How much is Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth?

Sarah Jessica Parker has an estimated net worth of $200 million. The actress and producer are best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO series Sex and the City. She has also starred in movies such as Hocus Pocus, The First Wives Club, and Failure to Launch.

How rich is Kim Cattrall?

Kim Cattrall has an estimated net worth of $75 million. The actress is best known for her role as Samantha Jones on the HBO series Sex and the City. She has also starred in movies such as Big Trouble in Little China, Mannequin, and Ice Princess.

How much did Kim Cattrall make per episode?

Kim Cattrall made $285,000 per episode for the first two seasons of Sex and the City. She was paid $350,000 per episode for the third and fourth seasons. For the fifth season, she was paid $375,000 per episode. And for the sixth and final season, she made $400,000 per episode. Cattrall made $26 million from her time on Sex and the City. Of that, she reportedly made $14 million from syndication deals.

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