Sergey Karshkov: The 9 Pandas Fonbet Campaign

Market-leading, full-service advertising company 9 Pandas was founded by Sergey Karshkov. Prior to the Euro 2020 football tournament, 9 Pandas tended a bid to develop creative concepts for Fonbet’s long-term, 360 degrees advertising campaign. 9 Pandas produced two videos as part of the tender: one an online video incorporating actors and the other a television commercial without any actors.

Today, video advertising is widely acknowledged as an incredibly powerful tool in terms of delivering compelling content to the right audience. 9 Pandas’ bid for Fonbet’s Euro 2020 project sought to increase the betting company’s visibility, incorporating a TV ad campaign to expand its reach to an audience of millions.

9 Pandas broke down the advertisements into fragments of 30, 20, 15 and 10 seconds. Universality was a priority, with 9 Pandas striving to ensure that the content would still be relevant even after Euro 2020. 9 Pandas’ bid was ultimately successful and the ad agency partnered with the Mishki Co. production company, filming an advert that was aired in rotation for the duration of the UEFA Champions League final.

The campaign concept for the project centred around six key objectives:

  • Eliminating first-bet barriers
  • Attracting new clients
  • Creating an emotional bond with customers
  • Advertising Euro 2020
  • Demonstrating Fonbet’s sponsorship of the national football team
  • Delivering a universal ad campaign that would still be relevant even after the end of the tournament

Benefiting from Sergey Karshkov’s extensive advertising experience and expertise, 9 Pandas has worked with some of the biggest brands in the global betting industry over the years. The advertising agency immediately recognised the complexity of the Fonbet campaign, breaking it down into stages and working through each methodically – from presenting the creative content to the client to producing voiceovers and video adaptations for other countries.

To produce the soundtrack, 9 Pandas enlisted the help of singers, musicians and a composer, putting the music together itself. 9 Pandas organised a choir with seven men, five women and eight children that were specially chosen to deliver emotional intensity. Once the mastering and mixing process was complete, 9 Pandas had the perfect sound to accompany its inspirational and uplifting video ad campaign.

About 9 Pandas

9 Pandas has earned itself a strong reputation as an employer of choice by investing in both the professional and personal development of its staff. In addition, 9 Pandas also provides employees with free refreshments and meals, a recreational area, and a comfortable working environment free from bureaucracy.

Working with high-profile clients across a variety of industries, 9 Pandas is committed to providing a full spectrum of integrated services covering every aspect of advertising, including design, video production, marketing strategies and digital marketing.

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