‘State Farm’ Plans to Inject $1.5B in ADT Inc’s. (NYSE:ADT) Capital

ADT Inc. (NYSE:ADT) surged around 12 % to trade at $8.06 after the firm reported that it has won a $1.2 billion investment from State Farm as part of a collaboration that it believes would inspire the insurer’s numerous customers to purchase its smoke detection and anti-intrusion devices.

State Farm announced on Tuesday that it will acquire 133.3 million shares, or nearly 15% of the firm, at $9 per share in exchange for a seat on its board. After Apollo Global Management, this will make the privately held insurance its second-largest investment.

ADT stock rose 10% in early trade on news that the firm will get additional $150 million for product development from existing investor Google, the Alphabet Inc-owned search giant that acquired a 6% investment in ADT in 2020.

“These new and extended relationships… give ADT with more channels to grow our customer base, improve brand loyalty, and minimize customer acquisition costs,” said ADT CEO Jim DeVries in a statement.

State Farm, which has 13.7 million homeowners insurance customers, will also invest up to $300 million in product development, customer growth, and marketing. As of the end of last year, ADT had 6.6 million recurring revenue clients.

The business stated that it intends to prevent dilution from the State Farm investment by repurchasing up to 133.3 million shares of its stock at $9 per share. Citi and Evercore served as its financial advisers on the transaction, while State Farm was advised by Morgan Stanley & Co LLC.

On the other side, ADT (NYSE:ADT) has announced a collaboration with Uber to incorporate ADT mobile safety solutions for users and drivers into the Uber app. Uber riders in the United States may now obtain live assistance from ADT professional monitoring specialists through phone or text. Uber (NYSE: UBER) is the latest corporate customer to use Safe by ADT to enable its app-based mobile safety features. The Safe by ADT platform works effortlessly with app-based service providers to help secure millions of gig economy employees and patrons, giving them access to reassurance and emergency services when they need it most, backed by ADT’s 24/7 expert monitoring.


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