Tencent Holdings to block access to unauthorized overseas games

Chinese game giant Tencent Holdings announced late on the 13th that it will suspend services that allow it to play overseas games that are not recognized domestically.

It seems that regulatory agencies have taken into account the increased oversight of the industry.

The company updated an app called “Game Speed ​​Booster” (mobile version, desktop version) on May 31, and announced that the new version will only play games in China.

Tencent introduced this app in 2018. It is possible to increase the communication speed of the Internet, and NetEase and others also offer similar applications.

In China, only government-approved games are allowed to be played, and foreigners are not allowed to play games on overseas servers.

Although these games are not explicitly blocked by online regulations, the domestic Internet is generally slow in communication speed, and it is virtually impossible to play overseas games.

For this reason, many Chinese users use apps such as Tencent to access overseas games that are not recognized in Japan, such as “Grand Theft Auto” and Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest”. There is.

These apps have long been a non-genuine route for foreign gaming companies to attract Chinese users.

Tencent hasn’t revealed a reason to fix the app.

There is widespread confusion among Chinese users, but many say it is not surprising given the trend toward tighter regulations.

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