Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Expansion Parts Production Project Called to Meet Enterprise Export Demand

Tesla (TSLA.O) Shanghai plans to expand its existing super factory project (Phase I) in the first phase of “components and components” in order to meet the export needs of enterprises, it was learned from the environmental information disclosure platform of Shanghai enterprises and institutions. Production Process Improvement Project”.

The official website announcement shows that Tesla Shanghai plans to increase the production capacity of parts and components by increasing the number of production workshops, increasing the number of workers, and increasing the operating rate of equipment.

Details of the project were not disclosed in public documents, and Tesla declined to comment.

Tesla has previously positioned the Shanghai Gigafactory as the company’s main auto export center. In addition to undertaking deliveries in the Chinese market, the Shanghai Gigafactory also exports a large number of Model 3 and Model Y to Asia Pacific, Europe and other places. According to the financial report of the third quarter of last year, the annual production capacity of the Shanghai Gigafactory has exceeded 450,000 vehicles, and the company’s revenue in the Chinese market has reached 3.113 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 78.5%.

In November last year, Tesla’s public information on the environmental impact assessment of the production line optimization project in the second stage of the Shanghai Gigafactory (Phase I) showed that the total investment in the production line optimization project was as high as 1.2 billion yuan, of which 85 million yuan was invested in environmental protection. accounted for 7.08%. The project is expected to be completed in April this year, adding 4,000 employees.

Tesla signed an 860,000-square-meter land transfer contract with the Shanghai government in 2018 to build its first overseas Gigafactory. Its Shanghai R&D Innovation Center and Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Data Center were both completed in October last year.

Tesla shares closed down 4.1 percent on Tuesday at $821.5.

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