The decision can be made before December 10, said BNP’s Shamsuzzaman

BNP’s Vice Chairman Shamsuzzaman (Dudu) commented that the next day will be BNP’s. Shamsuzzaman said that the government (Awami League) should return those who disappeared. It is not the case that the decision of the current situation will be made in the assembly on the 10th (BNP’s general assembly). May be before, may be after. The government has seen the signs of the situation and understood that the next day is for BNP.

Shamsuzzaman said this at a discussion meeting at the National Press Club in the capital on Friday. The meeting was held to demand the release of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, withdrawal of the ‘conspiratorial false case’ against Tariq Rahman and his wife Zobaida Rahman. It is organized by Bangladesh Youth Forum.

In the speech of the chief guest at the meeting, Shamsuzzaman said, “I am currently witnessing such a regime in Bangladesh. Which I have never seen in 51 years. Some unscrupulous businessmen, idealistic politicians—their power is unimaginable. It is better to say that some government sponsored journalists are misguided journalists. For their own sake, for their own sake, for the sake of the group, today they are making the truth a lie and a lie the truth.

Shamsuzzaman said, “There is doubt whether such an undemocratic state has ever been seen in the world or not.” Khaleda Zia has been imprisoned on false charges. He is guaranteed by the provisions of the constitution. But he has been imprisoned. But the brother of a former army chief left the country after being pardoned by the president. We came to know the incident after he went to Malaysia.

Shamsuzzaman said, if Awami League prevents the rally in Dhaka city, then this rally will be held in Dhaka city. Not just for a day, but for a week. BNP’s popularity cannot be stopped by such obstacles. Those who will be affected today by protesting the injustice of this government, BNP will consider them when it comes to power.

Shamsuzzaman also said, we will say release Khaleda Zia. Otherwise, the crowd will not be able to keep Begum Zia. When necessary, everyone should take to the streets.

Advisor Nazmul Hasan chaired the meeting under the chairmanship of Saidur Rahman, president of Bangladesh Youth Forum. Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP Convener Abdus Salam, Advisor to Chairperson Shahzada Mia, Joint Secretary General Khairul Kabir Khokon were special guests.

Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP convener Abdus Salam said that if the Awami League government is in power, there will be famine. Cut your government spending instead of asking people to save electricity and cut costs. Reduce the cost of Ganobhaban, Bangabhaban, Parliament. You will see how much is being saved.

The leaders and workers of BNP and its affiliated organizations were present in the meeting.

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