This time the price of OMS flour has increased by Tk 6 per kg

Common people were buying rice and flour from the government’s Food Friendly Program or OMS at slightly lower prices due to the surge in the commodity in the market. The opportunity for common people to buy flour at a low price is also shrinking now. Because, the government has decided to increase the price of OMS flour by 6 rupees per kg.

A letter from the Ministry of Food sent to the Directorate of Food on Thursday said that according to the new price, open flour will be sold at Tk 24 per kg. So far, OMS trucks were selling open flour at Tk 18 per kg. Apart from this, two kg packet of flour used to be sold at Tk 43. Its price has been increased to 55 rupees now. The price of both loose and packet flour has been increased by Rs 6 per kg.

Tapan Kumar Das, Director (Ongoing Duty) of Supply, Distribution and Distribution Department of Food Directorate told Prothom Alo that OMS’s open and packaged flour will be sold at new prices from next Sunday.

The food department sells rice and flour at low prices to low-income people under the OMS programme. These products are sold through distributors and trucks across the country.

Coarse rice is sold at Tk 30 per kg to distributors and trucks listed by the Food Department. Although the price of flour has been increased, the price of rice has been kept unchanged.
Economists believe that the increase in the prices of goods sold by the government at low prices will increase the suffering of the poor people who are in crisis. Because, the prices of everyday food products and other products are very high in the market now. In the last 15 days, the prices of flour, flour and lentils have increased in the market. Soybean oil and sugar prices were also increased again on Thursday.

According to the government agency Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), coarse rice is now Tk 46 to Tk 52 per kg in the market. And open flour is being sold at 60 to 62 taka per kg. Although coarse rice is not available in the market at this rate of TCB. Coarse rice costs 55 taka per kg. But in some places coarse rice can be found for 53-54 taka.

Currently open flour is being sold at Tk 60 to Tk 65 per kg in the market. Two kg packets of new flour has arrived in the market. The highest price of which is kept at 144 Tk. Accordingly, the market price of packaged flour is Tk 72 per kg.

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