Truecaller Acquires TrustCheckr to Strengthen Fraud Detection Capabilities

Truecaller, the leading global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communications, has recently acquired the India-based company Unoideo Technologies Pvt Ltd. Unoideo operates the service TrustCheckr which provides businesses with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to verify customer information and detect fraud risk based on phone numbers and digital signals.


TrustCheckr’s current offering has attracted interest from various industries, especially banks, fintech companies, and other financial institutions. This acquisition will strengthen Truecaller’s risk intelligence tool for enterprises which was just launched last week. With improved technology, it will accelerate the rollout of this new offering.


Overview of the Acquisition

According to Nami Zarringhalam, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer at Truecaller:


“Truecaller is the number one solution for identifying spam as well as fraud attempts globally. While our main focus has been on CallerID and spam protection, fraud calls and messages are increasing at an unprecedented rate globally by virtue of e.g. mobile banking. Fraudsters operate in a different manner than spammers so investing in elevating our fraud detection capabilities is a natural evolution for us. The acquisition will add a great service and competence to Truecaller that we believe will both bring value to our users and strengthen our current enterprise offering and the newly launched Risk Intelligence-services where we support enterprises to minimize risk and fraud. The combination of the skills that TrustChekr has in identifying fraudsters through external signals of fraud with Truecaller’s internal signals will be really powerful.”


In 2022, TrustCheckr won the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) first global Hackathon -“HARBINGER 2021 – Innovation for Transformation” in the category of “Social Media Analysis Monitoring tool for detection of digital payment fraud and disruption.”


TrustChekr brings existing customers like IIFL Finance Limited and Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Limited plus several relationships with other potential customers for Truecaller for Business.


The acquisition adds seven full-time employees and improved tech capabilities to Truecaller.


Key Details

The acquisition was finalized in Q4 2023.

It is financed through Truecaller’s existing cash reserves.

It will have a minor impact on cash flow.

Not expected to materially impact Truecaller’s financial results in 2023.

Benefits for Truecaller

This acquisition offers several benefits that will help Truecaller achieve its goals:


Enhanced Fraud Detection Capabilities

TrustCheckr’s focus on identifying fraudsters through external signals of fraudulent activity will complement Truecaller’s internal signals. This combination will significantly improve Truecaller’s fraud detection abilities.


Support for Truecaller’s Enterprise Offering

The acquisition will strengthen Truecaller’s new Risk Intelligence service for enterprises. TrustCheckr’s relationships with financial institutions provide a ready customer base to accelerate adoption of this new offering.


Valuable Tech Talent

The acquisition brings TrustCheckr’s experienced employees and their expertise in fraud detection technology. This will aid continued enhancement of Truecaller’s products and services.


Minimal Financial Impact

Since the deal uses existing cash reserves and is projected to have minimal effect on 2023 results, it provides strategic benefits without negatively impacting Truecaller’s financial position.


TrustCheckr’s Key Strengths

There are several key strengths that make TrustCheckr a valuable addition to Truecaller:


Innovative Tech Platform

TrustCheckr’s SaaS platform leverages phone numbers, digital signals, and data analytics to verify identities and detect fraud risks. This technology can be integrated into Truecaller’s offerings.


Proven Use Cases

Success with major Indian financial institutions demonstrates TrustCheckr’s ability to provide value, especially for fraud detection in banking and fintech.


Official Recognition

Winning RBI’s global hackathon highlights the quality of TrustCheckr’s fraud detection solution. This boosts its credibility.


Experienced Team

TrustCheckr’s employees have specialized expertise in fraud detection. They bring valuable knowledge and skills to Truecaller.


Outlook for the Future

Looking ahead, this acquisition has positioned Truecaller for significant growth opportunities:


Expansion in India

TrustCheckr’s success in India provides a solid foundation for Truecaller to expand its enterprise services in this crucial market.


New Product Offerings

TrustCheckr’s capabilities open up possibilities for Truecaller to launch additional risk intelligence products and services for businesses.


Increased Enterprise Customers

Financial institutions are an initial target, but enhanced fraud detection gives Truecaller the ability to serve more types of enterprise customers.


Global Growth Potential

The techniques TrustCheckr has pioneered in India can be leveraged by Truecaller to improve fraud detection worldwide.



In summary, Truecaller’s acquisition of TrustCheckr is a strategic move to gain leading-edge fraud detection capabilities and strengthen Truecaller’s enterprise services. Combining TrustCheckr’s specialized expertise with Truecaller’s scale and resources has excellent potential to create significant value for Truecaller’s business while combating the growing global problem of fraud. This deal clearly aligns with Truecaller’s vision to provide trust and safety to consumers and businesses worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is a global platform that provides services like caller ID, spam blocking, and enterprise identity verification. Its aim is to enhance trust and safety for consumers and businesses.


What does TrustCheckr do?

TrustCheckr operates a SaaS platform that verifies identities and detects fraud risks for companies, with a focus on the financial sector.


How will the acquisition benefit Truecaller?

It will improve Truecaller’s fraud detection capabilities and strengthen its new enterprise Risk Intelligence service. TrustCheckr also brings a skilled team and relationships with major Indian financial institutions.


How does TrustCheckr detect fraud?

It uses phone numbers, digital signals like social media, and data analytics to identify patterns and anomalies associated with fraudulent activities.


Why is improving fraud detection important for Truecaller?

Fraud calls and messages are increasing globally. Detecting fraud is key to Truecaller’s mission of providing trust and safety for users. The techniques are also valuable for Truecaller’s enterprise services.


How will the acquisition impact Truecaller’s financials?

It is expected to have minimal effect on cash flow and 2023 financial results since it was funded with existing cash reserves. The strategic benefits are seen as far more important.


Final Thoughts

Fraud detection is becoming increasingly critical in the digital economy. Truecaller’s acquisition of TrustCheckr demonstrates a commitment to enhancing safety for users.

Combining strengths in technology, expertise and customer segments has strong potential to create synergies. Truecaller stands to gain significant strategic advantages.

India’s digital finance sector presents massive growth opportunities. The acquisition provides a solid foundation for Truecaller to expand in this important market.

As digital transactions rise globally, demand for identity verification and fraud prevention will increase. The acquisition positions Truecaller to capitalize on this growing need worldwide.

Overall, this deal aligns perfectly with Truecaller’s vision and strategy. It has excellent potential to add value given the strategic fit between the two companies.

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