Twitter users can join the Clubhouse-like Spaces audio room through their browser

According to the foreign media The Verge report, Twitter announced that starting from Wednesday, users can join Twitter’s Clubhouse-like Spaces through desktop and mobile web browsers, which makes the company’s social audio room easier to use. Previously, users could only join Spaces through Twitter’s iOS and Android apps.

You can see what a Spaces looks like from the Twitter screenshot below. The image on the left shows the situation before joining a Space, and the one on the right shows the appearance after joining. You can see that users can continue to browse Twitter while listening to Space after joining.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that Spaces has an important additional note: You can join Spaces, but you cannot host them yourself.


In the past few months, Twitter has been rapidly developing Spaces and adding new features to compete with the dedicated social audio application Clubhouse and similar features from companies such as Discord and Facebook.

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