UC Asset LP Forecasts Bullish Performance, Aims for 2023 Net Profit Amidst Budding Cannabis Investments

Promising H1 2023 Performance

UC Asset LP (OTCQB: UCASU), a noteworthy player in the investment realm, anticipates a bright start for 2023. The company’s management, despite the unaudited status of their financials, projects a net profit of about $0.06 per share for the first half of the year. The cautionary note here is that these preliminary results remain unaudited, yet Jason Armstrong, UC Asset’s manager, doesn’t foresee the audited figures deviating significantly.

Investors’ Caution

With promising figures, investors should maintain a level of caution. Jason Armstrong stressed that though the early figures are encouraging, they should be taken with a grain of salt. “Investors should not place their due reliance on this number,” he commented. This serves as a gentle reminder for investors that despite the promising forecast, final audited figures will serve as the ultimate point of reference.

Anticipation of H2 Profitability

UC Asset isn’t only setting its sight on the first half of the year. Numerous ongoing deals could potentially secure the company’s profitability throughout 2023. Mr. Armstrong conveyed his optimism, stating, “Our goal is to achieve more than $0.10 per share net profit for the whole year.”

Budding Cannabis Property Investments

Investment in cannabis properties is set to become a significant contributor to UC Asset’s income. This strategic decision positions UC Asset as one of only four SEC-reporting public companies investing in this niche. Mr. Armstrong highlighted the importance of this less competitive niche, anticipating that it could generate higher returns due to reduced competition.

Previous Years’ Performance

UC Asset has a history of profit, including 2020 and 2021, when it reported $0.13 per share net gain of assets and distributed a $0.10 per share dividend. Yet, 2022 saw a different tale unfold. Losses were incurred, primarily due to the company’s stock market investments. Nevertheless, UC Asset’s resilience and pivot towards promising sectors highlight its strategic financial management.

Independent Analysis Endorses

UC Asset April 2023 saw independent stock research firm, Litchfield Hills Research LLC, releasing a favorable analysis of UC Asset. They rated the company as a “Buy”, establishing a target price of $4.00 per share. With UCASU’s shares closing at $1.00 per share at the end of the most recent trading day, Litchfield’s report underscores the potential value that could be unearthed from UC Asset.


What is UC Asset LP’s projected net profit for H1 2023?

UC Asset LP projects a net profit of approximately $0.06 per share for the first half of 2023.

What is the company’s expected net profit for the entire year 2023?

The company’s manager, Jason Armstrong, stated that the goal is to achieve more than $0.10 per share net profit for 2023.

In which new sector is UC Asset investing?

UC Asset is investing in cannabis properties, making it one of only four SEC-reporting public companies to do so.

How did UC Asset perform in the previous years?

UC Asset reported profits in 2020 and 2021, but suffered losses in 2022 due to stock market investment setbacks.

What is the recent rating and target price for UC Asset by Litchfield Hills Research LLC?

Litchfield Hills Research rated UC Asset as a “Buy” and set a target price of $4.00 per share.

Key Stats Table

Year Net Gain of Assets Per Share Dividend Per Share
2021 $0.13 $0.10
2022 Loss reported
H1 2023 (Projected) $0.06

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