Valtech appoints John Cunningham as Global CTO to lead digital transformation

Valtech, a digital services and business transformation company, has appointed John Cunningham as its global Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to drive innovation and agility in its business operations.

A Strategic Leader in Digital Transformation

With extensive experience in servicing world-leading brands on their digital transformation journey, John Cunningham brings valuable expertise to Valtech. Prior to joining Valtech, Cunningham held the position of Group CTO at UNLIMITED. At UNLIMITED, he led an international technology team and worked closely with executive leadership on global business strategy for renowned brands such as BMW, Toyota, and Barilla.

In his new role as global CTO at Valtech, John Cunningham will work with Valtech’s executive team to ensure the company’s approach to its clients’ digital transformation remains first class in meeting customer expectations and needs.

Valtech’s Vision for Digital Transformation

Valtech’s CEO, Olivier Padiou, said, “With roots in creative direction and deep knowledge of transformative technologies as data platforms, John knows how to strike the right balance between creative and technology to solve our clients’ unique business challenges. He embodies our mission to humanize business transformation, ensuring the customer experience is central to any digitization process.”

Padiou further added, “A mind like John’s is a huge advantage, not only for our own innovation and growth as we continue to expand our technology partners, support our talents, but also for our clients too as they futureproof their own business.”

John Cunningham’s Role at Valtech

As the newly appointed global CTO at Valtech, John Cunningham said, “Working at Valtech is an opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants. With an impressive client roster and history in transforming the biggest brands across a vast array of industries, Valtech continues to lead the way in transformation consulting.”

Cunningham believes in making technology an equal partner with customer experience and creativity, and Valtech champions this notion by having the right foundations and talent to bridge its capabilities. Cunningham will play a key part in Valtech’s growth by bolstering its technical partnerships and capabilities and getting the best out of its people for better business outcomes.


John Cunningham brings valuable experience and expertise to Valtech as it continues to lead the way in digital transformation consulting. His appointment as global CTO will help the company drive innovation and agility in its business operations, ensuring that Valtech remains first class in meeting customer expectations and needs.


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