Voi Energizes Clean Air Day 2023: Offers Free E-Scooter Rides to Combat Air Pollution in UK Cities

A Green Initiative from Voi on Clean Air Day 2023


Stepping into the future, the prominent shared e-scooter company, Voi, has taken an environmentally friendly step on the occasion of Clean Air Day 2023. Marking this day with a unique initiative, Voi offers residents of seven UK cities a refreshing approach to tackle air pollution – free e-scooter rides.


Voi’s Free Ride Initiative: Details and Scope


Dedicated residents of Bristol, Cambridge, Liverpool, Northampton, Oxford, Portsmouth, and Southampton are invited to participate in this green initiative. Voi offers a free 30-minute e-scooter ride from Clean Air Day, 15 June, to 30 June. The promotional code for this campaign, CLEANAIRDAY23, needs to be redeemed by 28 June. This incentive aims to inspire residents to experience the benefits of e-scooters and make the switch.


Air Pollution in the UK: A Grave Concern


Disturbing statistics reveal that air pollution in the UK significantly impacts public health. Reports from Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) suggest that annually, between 28,000 and 36,000 premature deaths can be attributed to air pollution. These figures illustrate the urgent need for innovative solutions like Voi’s free ride initiative.


Benefits of E-Scooters: Beyond Convenience


E-scooters, while convenient and easy to use, are also environmentally friendly. They can replace short bus and taxi trips, which often contribute significantly to city air pollution. Furthermore, e-scooters have demonstrated their potential in cutting commuting time by an astonishing 47%, thereby reducing congestion and enhancing urban mobility.

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