Coinbase: California's 8.2M Digital Holders Shaping Crypto's Future

California residents, 27% adults, 8.2M own digital assets

Pro-Crypto Political Influence

Toluna poll: Nearly 80% of these crypto holders express a willingness to support political candidates who advocate for pro-crypto policies

In California, 78% of crypto owners support policymakers endorsing innovation and candidates championing the US crypto industry for financial empowerment.

Toluna polls show 40% of California crypto owners, aged 18-34, show a strong interest in digital assets among the youth. 

Coinbase notes US youth, comfortable with tech, favor ongoing crypto innovation for efficient financial transactions.

– 51% of Millennials, Gen Z inclined to support crypto-friendly candidates in 2024. – Younger voters to constitute the majority by 2028.

California's crypto holders, especially the youth, wield significant influence in shaping the crypto industry's political and economic landscape.