Crypto vs. Credit Cards: The $74 Billion Revelation

Americans had the potential to save a whopping $74 billion in credit card fees if they used the blockchain technology.               'State of Crypto' report by Coinbase

The average savings per American household could be $600 in credit card fees.

In fact even the Merchants could have collected $126 billion  due to the low crypto transaction fees..

- The major pain points for Americans in the current financial system: It's costly, time-consuming, and hard to access.  - Three out of five Americans express dissatisfaction and demand an overhaul."

The need of the hour is - "Lower fees, faster transactions, and improved accessibility."

71% of all Americans and a resounding 90% of crypto owners desire lower fees in the revamped financial system.

"Speed matters! 70% of all Americans and 90% of crypto owners demand faster transactions that aren't constrained by weekends or banking hours."

A staggering 76% of crypto-owning Americans believe the financial system should be much easier for users to access. The call for a user-friendly experience is loud and clear.

Accessibility matters too!

The report reveals that cryptocurrencies hold the key to addressing Americans' concerns. With speed, ease of access, and low-cost transactions, blockchain is the solution Americans have been waiting for."

Enter blockchain technology

The 'State of Crypto' report by Coinbase unveils a compelling case for the adoption of cryptocurrencies, signaling a potential revolution in how Americans envision the future of financial transactions.