With 145.6 million followers Khaby Lame become the most-followed tiktoker

Khabane Lame is a 22 years old digital creator who become famous for simplifying the complicated “life hacks” videos. He won millions of hearts by making silent videos where he simplifies different complex life hack videos of such simple problems. By showing some funny facial expressions & a shrug, Lame simplifies it all. Khabar Lame has recently crossed Charli D’Amelio’s by having 145.6 million followers.

Lame was born in Senegal, lives in Italy, has started working in a factory but lost his job in 2020 and then he joined TikTok. He said “He used to make videos as a child and uploaded them on YouTube but only his father and uncle watched those videos so for him, YouTube wasn’t an ideal platform.

Later on, when the TikTok app launched he realized that this is the ideal platform he has been looking for to upload comic and self-deprecating videos. Furthermore, he added that “I love to entertain people but I’m doing what I’m interested in and I advise those who follow me to fight hard to achieve their goals”.

Due to his consistency and determination, he was eventually found by the people and gained huge followers. Undoubtedly consistency is the key to success and due to being consistent along with producing funny videos, Khaby lame became popular in no time.

Lame stated in an interview with New York Times “My facial expressions and face make people laugh” and this is the reason his every video got so many views.

According to Forbes Lame has surpassed not only D’Amelio but also her Dixie who was ruling the TikTok world and earned $21.5 million almost.


What is the net worth of Khaby lame?

Currently, the net worth of Khaby lame is $13million.

Where does khaby lame lives?

He lives in Italy but was born in Senegal a west African nation.

Can Khaby Lame speak?

Yes, he can speak two languages English & Italian.


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