Yaskawa Electric to the highest profit this term Chairman “EV and other investment motivation does not decline”

Yaskawa Electric Corporation announced on the 8th that its consolidated operating profit forecast for the full year ending February 2023 (international accounting standards) is 72 billion yen. It is expected that the highest profit will be recorded in this term as well as in the previous term. It exceeded the average of 66.1 billion consensus forecasts of 23 analysts compiled by IBES.

It is expected that strong performance will continue in each business division and each region in this term as well. Chairman Hiroshi Ogasawara said, “We have entered this year with EV (electric vehicle), 5G, environment-related, etc. maintaining good performance. The investment motivation of (these) markets has not declined at all.”

We will respond to high raw material prices by raising prices. In the previous fiscal year, it caused a cost increase of about 2 billion yen, but it is said that it has recovered about 800 million yen by passing on the price. The company plans to pass on the price of about 1 billion yen this term as well.

The shortage of materials centered on semiconductors will continue in this term. However, Chairman Ogasawara said, “I can’t read ahead, but the production is increasing at the destination where the product is delivered. Overall, the situation is not bad. I think it will improve, albeit little by little.”

The exchange rate assumption for this term is 120 yen to the dollar, and the actual result for the previous term is 111.50 yen.

Operating profit for the fiscal year ended February 2010 was 52.8 billion yen, which was lower than the company’s forecast of 58 billion yen.

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