Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZS) Wins Investor Trust On Achieved Carbon Neutral Status For 2022

The leader in cloud security, Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZS) still increasing in pre trading session on Monday as share jumped 21.88% to settle at $188 after the firm released that it has achieved carbon neutral status for 2022 and has set a new goal to reach net zero emissions by 2025. These important achievements build on Zscaler’s recent achievement of achieving 100% renewable energy throughout its global offices and 150 dispersed data centers that operate the Zscaler Zero Trust ExchangeTM security cloud, the world’s biggest inline security cloud. Zscaler’s commitment to reducing global climate change and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy is demonstrated by the new net zero target and continuous support for renewable energy.

CEO of Zscaler, Jay Chaudhry stated that they continue focusing on supporting their customers, it is important that they make a positive impact on their planet. Zscaler collaborates with IT leaders to modernize their operations by utilizing a Zero Trust security model that eliminates the need for on-premise security equipment, resulting in reduced IT waste and energy use – all while working towards our common carbon reduction goals.

Zscaler achieved carbon neutrality for calendar year 2022 by combining renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offset purchases that matched their estimated power usage and carbon emissions. Working with an external third-party on a certified carbon inventory technique and estimating overall emissions were among the efforts.

Zscaler reduced scope 2 emissions by including renewable energy consumption parameters into their data center procurement process. Zscaler then acquired renewable energy certificates (RECs) to assist local wind and solar projects. Permanent and extra carbon credits from third-party certified projects were used to offset scope 1 and larger scope 3 emissions from offices, business travel, and procurement, as well as customer and public cloud usage.

Regional Vice President, Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce, Stuart Parry stated that with Zscaler, by shifting apps to the cloud, they are able to safeguard their worldwide workforce from any threats while simultaneously decreasing their carbon impact. Salesforce is particularly pleased to have Zscaler as a customer of Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce’s comprehensive sustainability data management solution, as the two companies collaborate to achieve net zero global emissions.

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