Bitcoin Core Version 26.0 Unveiled

Bitcoin Core, the fundamental software used for the Bitcoin network, has announced its latest version, 26.0. This significant update brings a host of new features, bug fixes, performance improvements, and updated translations.

How to Upgrade to Version 26.0

Upgrading to the latest version of Bitcoin Core is straightforward:

  1. Shutdown Procedure: If running an older version, shut it down completely.
  2. Installation:
    • Windows: Run the installer.
    • macOS: Copy over /Applications/Bitcoin-Qt.
    • Linux: Copy over bitcoind/bitcoin-qt.

Note: Upgrading from an EOL version is possible but may take longer if data migration is needed.

Compatibility and System Requirements

Bitcoin Core 26.0 is compatible with several operating systems, ensuring a wide range of users can access the latest updates.

  • Linux Kernel: Extensively tested and supported.
  • macOS: Compatibility with versions 11.0 and newer.
  • Windows: Supported on Windows 7 and newer versions.

Caution: Usage on unsupported systems is not recommended.

Notable Changes in Version 26.0

  1. P2P and Network Changes
    • Experimental support for BIP324’s v2 transport protocol.
    • Enhanced network resistance to eclipse and partition attacks.
  2. Pruning Updates
    • Adjustments in prune budget management with assumeutxo and -prune settings.
  3. Updated RPCs
    • Deprecated and removed features.
    • New fields in getpeerinfo.
    • Introduction of Miniscript expressions in Taproot descriptors.
  4. New RPCs
    • loadtxoutset: For loading UTXO snapshots.
    • getchainstates: Monitoring assumeutxo sync process.
    • getprioritisedtransactions: View user-created fee deltas.
    • submitpackage: Submit transaction packages to mempool.
    • getaddrmaninfo: View address distribution across networks.
    • importmempool: Import mempool data from external files.

Updated Settings

  • Configuration File Handling: Enhanced error handling for bitcoin.conf files in the datadir.
  • Logging Configuration: Stricter validation for logging-related configuration options.

New Settings and Tools

  • Libconsensus Updates: Introduction of new functions and flags.
  • Wallet Enhancements: Changes in wallet loading and RPCs.

Detailed Changes in Wallet Functionality

Feature Description
Wallet Loading Improved robustness in loading, with handling for corrupted records.
RPC Enhancements Various RPCs now provide additional fields and updated functionality.
Coin Selection Accounts for unconfirmed low-feerate ancestor transactions in new transactions.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin Core version 26.0 marks a significant step in the evolution of Bitcoin technology. With its focus on improved performance, enhanced security features, and user-friendly updates, this version sets a new standard for Bitcoin network software. Users are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of the latest developments in the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

For more information and to download the update, visit Bitcoin Core’s official website.

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