Bitcoin’s Golden Cross vs. Altcoins- What is next for Bitcoin

If there is one way to put it, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind for Bitcoin and the crypto market in general. From the initial excitement surrounding spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US to the recent price cool-down and then the Golden Cross, investors are now left wondering- what is next for the king of crypto?

Bitcoin- A Tale of Two Rallies

Bitcoin’s journey in 2024 has rather been one of contrasting emotions. The year began with a revival of Bitcoin bulls that mainly occurred due to the anticipation of the long-awaited approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. This expectation pushed the price towards $49,000, marking a significant climb from the bear market lows towards the end of 2023.

However, the market enthusiasm was short-lived. Once the SEC approved several spot Bitcoin ETFs, short-term holders and miners rushed to capitalize on profits, prompting a substantial sell-off and pushing the price down by 10%. This shift in sentiment has led some analysts to predict an inevitable reversal for Bitcoin.

The Golden Cross

Just as Bitcoin’s future seemed uncertain, a glimmer of hope arose for the bulls- the first-ever weekly golden cross. This technical indicator is formed when the 50-week moving average crosses above the 200-week moving average and has historically indicated potential bull markets. This golden cross, coinciding with the initial ETF hype, marks a key moment in Bitcoin’s history.

While not a foolproof predictor, the Golden Cross suggests a higher probability of Bitcoin’s price continuing its upward trajectory in the near term. However, seasoned investors caution against overly optimistic interpretations. They suggest that moving averages are lagging indicators as they reflect past price movements. The current golden cross is a consequence of Bitcoin’s 70% rally in the previous four months, and corrections are still expected, thereby presenting potential buying opportunities.

The Rise of Altcoins

As Bitcoin copes with potential reversal and consolidation, another trend is gaining momentum- the rise of altcoins. Ethereum (ETH) is leading the charge in the much-anticipated altcoin season, with its price rising and Bitcoin’s dominance expected to drop below 50% in the coming months. This shift indicates a change in investor interest and the possibility of altcoins outperforming Bitcoin in the near future.

An Uncertain Future

With Bitcoin facing a potential reversal and altcoins on the rise, the crypto market remains in a state of flux. Several factors may influence the future trajectory, including:

  • Global economic conditions– A healthy global economy could drive further investment in cryptocurrencies that may benefit both Bitcoin and altcoins. However, economic downturns could lead to risk aversion and capital flight from the crypto market.
  • Regulatory landscape– Regulatory clarity and favorable policies could boost investor confidence and drive adoption, impacting both Bitcoin and altcoins. Conversely, stricter regulations could hinder growth.
  • Technological advancements– Developments in Blockchain technology and the crypto ecosystem as a whole could prompt wider adoption, which will also benefit both Bitcoin and altcoins in different ways.


The crypto market is still in its early stages of development, and volatility is inherent to its nature. While the Golden Cross offers some hope for Bitcoin bulls, the rise of altcoins presents alternative opportunities. Ultimately, the future of Bitcoin and the broader crypto market remains to be seen, and only time will tell which path it will take.

In such times, investors must carefully consider their own risk temperament and investment goals before making any decisions. Diversification across different asset classes, including both Bitcoin and altcoins, can help mitigate risk and improve returns. It is also important to carry out extensive research, stay informed about market trends, and remain flexible to changing conditions.

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