Flipster Launches Earn Pool- Earn Up to 10K USDT Daily on Your Crypto Holdings

Flipster, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency derivatives space, has launched its highly anticipated Earn Pool feature. This new program allows users to earn up to 10,000 USDT daily simply by holding USDT in their Flipster accounts. This can be considered a significant development for the platform as it offers investors an attractive option for crypto investors pursuing avenues for passive income.

Earn Pool- Addressing a Key User Need

Prior to the Earn Pool, a common criticism directed at Flipster was the lack of options for employing funds between major trading activities. CEO Yongjin Kim also acknowledges this in his statement and explains how the Earn Pool offers a solution. According to him, users can enjoy the peace of mind of secure storage combined with the potential for passive income through Flipster Earn Pool. This feature caters to traders looking to maximize the potential of their idle holdings, which further enhances the platform’s value proposition.

Appealing for Diverse User Profiles

While Flipster has built its reputation on offering deep liquidity for altcoin derivatives and attracting seasoned traders, the Earn Pool increases its appeal. Individuals in search of passive income opportunities along with active trading can now leverage the platform to earn daily rewards on their crypto holdings. This expansion, hence, allows Flipster to cater to a wider range of user profiles and may potentially drive further adoption and engagement.

Leveraging Flipster’s Competitive Advantages

Flipster’s unique strengths are the central element of its value proposition. The platform continues to champion its industry-leading altcoin liquidity and attracts top derivative traders with its diverse selection of over 200 tokens and leverage options of up to 100x. Additionally, Flipster continues to deliver on its commitment to be the first to list perpetual futures contracts for newly launched tokens, as validated by examples like MANTA, ACE, ALT, and DMAIL. The Earn Pool complements these existing strengths to provide its users with a valuable additional benefit.

Rewarding Early Participation

The Earn Pool operates with a share fixed pool of 10,000 USDT which is distributed daily among eligible users based on their participation. To participate, users need to have USDT in their Flipster accounts and meet the daily trading requirement. Since this is a new feature, early adopters have a higher chance of reaping bigger rewards before everyone else catches on.

The more engaged you are on the platform through daily trading, the higher your chances of grabbing a bigger slice of the prize pool! Flipster Earn Pool offers a unique opportunity to turn your idle USDT into passive income while staying actively involved in the trading action.

A Growing Force in Crypto Derivatives

As the fastest-growing crypto derivatives platform globally, Flipster’s drive for innovation and user experience is evident in the launch of the Earn Pool. This feature positions the platform as a comprehensive solution for both active and passive crypto investors, further solidifying its position as a leading player in the rapidly evolving crypto derivatives landscape.

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