FPPS vs PPLNS on Antpool: A Comparative Analysis

Cryptocurrency mining pools play a pivotal role in the decentralized ecosystem by bringing together miners to collectively solve complex mathematical problems and earn rewards. Among the various factors that miners consider when choosing a pool, the method of reward distribution holds significant importance. 

Two popular reward distribution methods employed by mining pools are Full Pay Per Share (FPPS) and Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS). In this article, we will delve into the nuances of these methods and compare them in the context of Antpool, one of the prominent platforms in the mining pool industry.


Antpool offers both FPPS (Full Pay Per Share) and PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) payout methods. Here’s a brief comparison–

Aspect FPPS (Antpool) PPLNS (Antpool)
Payment Method Pay Per Share (PPS) Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS)
Payment Frequency Constant, predictable payments Variable payments based on luck
Reward Calculation Based on each valid share submitted Based on the last N valid shares
Pool Target Audience Miners seeking consistent payouts Miners comfortable with variable payouts, willing to take higher risks for potentially higher rewards
Predictability High, as payments are fixed per share Lower, as rewards depend on pool luck and recent shares
Risk Level Lower, as rewards are guaranteed per share Higher, as rewards are based on the pool’s luck and recent shares submitted
Ideal Miner Profile Stable income seekers, risk-averse miners Risk-tolerant miners, willing to take chances for potentially higher rewards

FPPS (Full Pay-Per-Share)

FPPS is a reward distribution model where miners receive a fixed payment for each valid share submitted, regardless of whether the pool successfully mines a block or not.

The key feature of FPPS is

  • It’s predictability, as miners know exactly how much they will earn for their contributions. This system is advantageous for miners who prefer a steady income stream and wish to mitigate the variance inherent in cryptocurrency mining.
  • Within Antpool, the FPPS model ensures that miners are rewarded for their work consistently, regardless of the pool’s overall performance.
  • Each valid share submitted contributes to the miner’s earnings, providing a stable income flow over time.
  • However, the drawback of FPPS lies in its higher operational costs for the pool operator, as they bear the risk of fluctuations in block rewards.

PPLNS (Pay-Per-Last-N-Shares)

PPLNS is a reward distribution model that takes into account the number of shares contributed by miners over a defined period, typically the last “N” shares.

  • Miners are paid based on their proportional contribution to the total shares submitted by the pool during this period.
  • PPLNS rewards miners based on their long-term participation and contribution to the pool’s success in mining blocks.
  • In Antpool’s implementation of PPLNS, miners receive payouts based on their relative contribution to the pool’s mining efforts over the last N shares.
  • This system incentivizes miners to stay with the pool for an extended period, as their rewards increase with continued participation. PPLNS is favored by miners who are willing to accept higher variance in exchange for the potential for larger payouts over time.


Both FPPS and PPLNS offer unique advantages and cater to different preferences among miners. FPPS provides stability and predictability in earnings, making it suitable for miners who prioritize a steady income stream. On the other hand, PPLNS offers the potential for higher long-term profitability, particularly for miners willing to tolerate some degree of volatility in their earnings.


  1. How does Antpool implement FPPS?

Antpool’s FPPS ensures miners receive a fixed payout for each valid share submitted, regardless of pool luck or the number of blocks found.

  1. What are the benefits of FPPS?

FPPS provides miners with predictable earnings, mitigating variance in rewards caused by pool luck fluctuations or variations in network difficulty.

  1. What distinguishes PPLNS from FPPS?

PPLNS calculates payouts based on the proportion of valid shares contributed within a specific time window, offering variable rewards based on pool performance.

  1. How does Antpool apply PPLNS?

Antpool’s PPLNS system distributes rewards based on the miner’s contribution to the overall hashing power of the pool over a defined period, typically the last “N” shares.

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