Moon Week: A Fresh Start for Cryptocurrency Community Engagement

Scheduled for launch on January 29, 2024, Moon Week is an innovative initiative aimed at revitalizing interest and participation in governance proposals within the cryptocurrency community. This event marks a significant step in improving Moons and their role in community dynamics.

What is Moon Week?

Moon Week was conceived as a strategy to consolidate voting into a single week every month, thereby increasing engagement in governance proposals. With Moon governance restarting on Snapshot, the community is poised to enhance the utility and function of Moons.

Key Points:

Launch Date: January 29, 2024.
Objective: To consolidate governance voting and increase participation.
Eligibility for Voting: Moons held in self-hosted wallets.

Understanding Moon Governance and Polls

The governance system utilizes weighted straw polls on Snapshot, with recent results indicating significant community involvement.

Recent Poll Outcomes:

Restart Moon Distribution: Passed.
More Vote Weight to Newly Earned Moons: Failed to reach quorum.
Maintain Existing Reward Formula: Failed.

Upcoming Polls:

Legal Consultation Proposal: Spend $1,100 on legal consultation.
Event Pricing Increase: Propose a 50% increase in event pricing.

Community Assets and Proposal Rationale

Current Assets:

Cryptocurrency balances including ETH and MOON.
Digital assets like domains and social media accounts.
Physical assets such as servers and workflow tools.

Proposal Details:

Liquidate ARB to fund legal advisement for entity formation.
Manage assets and distributions through a DAO wrapper.
Community Involvement:

Seeking community approval and participation in the new entity.

Impact on the Ecosystem

Ecosystem Analysis:

Continuation of community token activities post-Reddit’s involvement.
Significant Moon burning on ecosystem activities.

State of Moons:

Abandonment of existing reward formula.
Future Moon distributions pending DAO establishment.

Timeline of Moons Since Reddit’s Involvement

A quick recap of significant dates concerning Moon’s journey:

Date Event
Oct 17, 2023 Reddit announces sunsetting involvement in Moons.
Nov 14, 2023 Reddit burns all Moons, reducing the circulating supply.
Nov 30, 2023 Reddit renounces Moon Contract, ensuring decentralization.
Jan 6, 2024 First governance polls go live.
Jan 29, 2024 Scheduled return of Moon Week with governance polls.

User Engagement and Community Responses

The community has actively engaged in discussions regarding the future of Moons, with diverse opinions and perspectives shared on platforms like Telegram and Reddit. Key themes include the desire for decentralized governance, efficient asset management, and enhanced community participation.


Moon Week’s return represents a crucial milestone in the evolution of cryptocurrency community governance. It embodies the community’s resilience and adaptability, highlighting a collective effort to embrace decentralized decision-making and asset management. As the date approaches, the community braces for an exciting new chapter in the world of cryptocurrency governance and engagement.

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