One Trading Launches F.A.S.T.- The Fastest Crypto Trading Venue Yet

One Trading, a leader at the intersection of traditional finance and digital assets, has launched its new revolutionary trading platform, setting a new standard for speed, efficiency, and reliability in the crypto world. This revolutionary platform, named F.A.S.T., beats existing offerings by leaps and bounds and offers users superior benefits in terms of execution and price discovery.

Innovative Technology for Speedy Trades

One Trading built F.A.S.T. by leveraging innovative technology and engineering expertise from traditional finance. This platform delivers unmatched speed and offers exceptional features:

  • Over 1500x faster round-trip trading compared to their previous exchange and 100x faster than leading competitors.
  • Sub-1 microsecond (μs) matching and risk engines- This lightning-fast speed provides users with a significant edge in price discovery and execution against other digital asset trading platforms.

Putting Speed in Perspective

The unmatched speed of F.A.S.T. becomes even more evident when we compare it to other platforms. Users on One Trading can perform more than 200 round trips for price discovery, orders creation, and cancellations before even placement of a single order on some of the biggest competitor exchanges. This results in significantly faster and more efficient Trading for One Trading users.

Independent Verification and Benchmarking

The impressive speed of F.A.S.T. has been verified by independent experts. According to recent official Amazon Web Services (A.W.S.) test results, One Trading’s platform achieved:

  • Sub-74 microsecond round-trip execution even at high volumes.
  • Average end-to-end Trading of just 112 microseconds- This exceeds even the London Stock Exchange’s Turquoise platform, a leading Multilateral Trading Facility (M.T.F.).
  • Risk and matching engine operating below 1 microsecond (μs)- This is 1000x faster than the C.M.E.’s Global Matching Engine.

Free Trading to Celebrate and Showcase Capabilities

To celebrate the launch and display the power of F.A.S.T., One Trading is offering free Trading on all digital asset pairs for all users. This allows both seasoned investors and newcomers to experience the platform’s advantages firsthand and understand its potential.

Closing the Gap between Traditional and Digital Finance

One Trading is set to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the dynamic world of digital assets. They are pursuing a regulatory-first approach, having filed for a MiFID II Trading Venue License in the E.U. This opens the door for them to offer:

  • Structured products and derivatives- These offerings will compete directly with established players like the London Stock Exchange and the C.M.E.
  • Listing both digital assets and traditional financial instruments- This unique approach provides a comprehensive platform for investors navigating both worlds.

Building the Future of Crypto Trading

One Trading’s C.E.O., Josh Barraclough, expressed his enthusiasm for the platform’s launch and that his team has worked tirelessly to form a trading venue with superior efficiency and speed. One Trading has set a new standard for speed and reliability in crypto Trading. With its game-changing technology, regulatory focus, and commitment to user empowerment, One Trading has the potential to shape the future of this dynamic market.

About One Trading

One Trading is a pioneer at the intersection of traditional finance and digital asset markets. They are at the forefront of innovation, and with the launch of F.A.S.T., One Trading has established itself as a frontrunner in the crypto trading landscape.

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