Solana Hunger Games- AR Treasure Hunt Takes Crypto by Storm

A new mobile game called Solana Hunger Games has taken the crypto world by storm and is attracting massive interest from various corners, generating both excitement and skepticism.

Hunger Games and Augmented Reality

Developed by, the game derives inspiration from the popular Hunger Games series and blends it with augmented reality technology. As per the game format, players take on the role of Hunters and search real-world locations for virtual treasure chests filled with the game’s token labeled G. The more Gs a Hunter collects, the higher they can climb the leaderboards to compete for a growing prize pool.

This unique AR experience has garnered a lot of attention in the crypto community. Within 24 hours of its launch, the game’s Twitter (now X) account amassed over 100,000 followers. Due to the massive influx of visitors, its website crashed as there were over 2 million page views within a single day. Furthermore, prominent figures like Cooper Turley, Gmoney, Cozomo Medici, and Delphi Digital’s crypto VC arm are backing the project, which is increasing the hype even more.

Sponsors and Invitation Issues

To add another layer of engagement, Solana Hunger Games also features Sponsors who can wager on Hunters’ success. The sponsors can acquire Player Cards and bet on their chosen Hunters’ odds of winning, while the card values would fluctuate based on leaderboard positions.

However, gaining access to the game is not that simple. Currently, it operates on an invite-only basis, which has led to an intense search for invite codes on social media platforms. While many individuals are sharing invite codes via social media, the associated exclusivity, combined with referral programs offering G rewards, has raised some concerns about the possibility of pyramid scheme tendencies. The referral program offers tiered rewards. Players gain invites to share and receive a percentage of tokens collected by their invitees and their invitees’ invitees. 

G Token and Uncertainties

The game’s core token, G, is currently claimable by Solana users based on their past activity on the Blockchain, but it has not been officially released or distributed yet. While claiming the token on the website is possible, it’s currently just a registration process. The token itself isn’t functional yet and won’t be transferred to your wallet until the official launch. This aspect further adds to the uncertainties surrounding the project’s long-term sustainability.

Hunger Games- Mere Hype or Reality?

While Solana Hunger Games has captured the imagination of many crypto enthusiasts, it is still important to approach it with caution. The game’s invite-only structure, the lack of clarity surrounding the G token, and the referral program raise pertinent questions about its legitimacy and long-term viability.

Furthermore, the game’s connection to the collapsed FTX exchange also raises concerns. Solana, the game’s underlying Blockchain, suffered significantly due to FTX’s troubles, and the large amount of SOL tokens held by FTX has led to questions about possible price manipulations.

As of now, it is uncertain if Solana Hunger Games lives up to the hype and delivers a sustainable and engaging experience. In any case, careful due diligence is important before immersing into this unusual mix of gaming and crypto.

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