What is Wink Gaming?


Wink Gaming, previously known as TRONBet, is a gaming platform that revolutionizes online gaming through blockchain technology. It’s built on the TRON network and utilizes its native token, WIN, for transactions and bets.

What is Wink Gaming?

Wink Gaming is a decentralized gaming platform where users can play a variety of betting and gambling games using cryptocurrencies. It provides a transparent and secure environment for gaming activities.

Eligibility requirements

To participate in Wink Gaming, users must meet certain eligibility requirements: – Must be of legal age as per their jurisdiction’s laws. – Must have access to the internet and a compatible device. – Users should ensure that online gambling is legal in their country or region.

Countries That can participate

Wink Gaming is accessible to users from various countries, but players need to verify if online gambling is legal in their respective jurisdictions before participating.

Account Requirements

To use Wink Gaming, users need to create an account on the platform. The account setup typically requires providing an email address, creating a password, and agreeing to the platform’s terms and conditions.

Which wallet you can connect

Users can connect compatible cryptocurrency wallets to Wink Gaming for transactions. Some commonly supported wallets include TronLink, Scatter Desktop app, and Guild Wallet.

How does Wink Gaming work?

Wink Gaming operates on blockchain technology, utilizing smart contracts to execute gaming transactions and ensure fairness. Users can access a variety of games, including dice, slots, table games, poker, and sports betting, among others. The platform offers various incentives and benefits to users, including staking rewards and governance rights.

Other Terms and conditions

Users must adhere to the platform’s terms and conditions, which outline rules and regulations governing gaming activities, account management, and dispute resolution.

How can the users take a wink gaming works?

To start gaming on Wink Gaming, users need to: – Create an account and log in. – Deposit cryptocurrencies into their gaming wallet. – Choose a game from the available options. – Place bets and participate in gaming activities. – Withdraw winnings to their connected cryptocurrency wallet.

What is WINk Coin?

WINk Coin (WIN) is the native cryptocurrency of the Wink Gaming platform. It is used for placing bets, making transactions, and participating in governance activities within the ecosystem.

Is it Shutting Down?

WINk Casino is shutting down, but WINkLink will continue its operations. The exact reasons for the shutdown are not publicly disclosed, but the team will focus on NFT Gaming moving forward.

Wink Gaming, a platform that has significantly contributed to the blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, is undergoing a strategic transformation rather than shutting down entirely. The pivot focuses on expanding into NFT Gaming, reflecting a shift towards the burgeoning field of non-fungible tokens and their applications in gaming. This move is part of a broader strategy to adapt to the evolving digital landscape and explore new avenues within the blockchain gaming sector. The transition away from its traditional casino services under the WINk brand to concentrate on NFT and decentralized gaming signifies an attempt to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing industry.


Wink Gaming represents a significant advancement in online gaming, leveraging blockchain for a transparent and fair gaming experience. Despite the closure of WINk Casino, the ecosystem continues to evolve, focusing on NFT and blockchain-based games.

Wink Gaming offers a decentralized and transparent gaming experience for users worldwide. With a wide range of games and incentives, it has become a popular choice among cryptocurrency gaming enthusiasts.


    • Will WINk coin reach $1? The future price of WINk coin depends on various factors including market demand and the platform’s success.
    • Is WINk a gambling coin? Yes, WINk is primarily used within a gambling and gaming ecosystem on the TRON network.
    • Who is the owner of WINk coin? WINk was developed by a team led by former Tencent and Baidu developers, focusing on blockchain gaming.
    • What is WINk crypto used for? WINk crypto (WIN) is used for transactions, betting, and rewards within the WINk gaming platform.
    • How do you play the card game Wink? To play card games on Wink Gaming, users can access the “Table Games” section, where they will find various card games like poker. Users can choose their preferred game, place bets, and participate in real-time gaming sessions.


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