Unlocking Growth: Wipro Surpasses Expectations in Q3

In a welcome turn of events, Wipro, India’s fourth-largest software-services exporter, has surpassed expectations in its seasonally weak third quarter. The company reported better-than-expected revenue and signaled a potential return to growth in client demand for its consulting services. This positive momentum follows signals from industry giants Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys, alleviating concerns of a worsening demand scenario.

Signs of Stabilization

Wipro’s third-quarter results have brought about optimism in the market, with its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) rising by 3.5% in pre-market trading. CEO Thierry Delaporte emphasized the early signs of stabilization from revenue deceleration. This is a crucial development, indicating a potential shift in the tide for the company and the industry as a whole.

Consulting Business Growth

One of the standout performances for Wipro is the growth in its consulting business, with Delaporte highlighting early signs of a return to growth. Capco, a firm acquired by Wipro in 2021, has played a pivotal role in this growth, contributing to double-digit growth in the consulting segment. This is a promising indication of the strategic benefits gained from recent acquisitions.

Financial Highlights

Wipro’s revenue for the third quarter stood at 222.05 billion rupees ($2.68 billion), surpassing the analysts’ average estimate of 221.04 billion rupees. The improved deal momentum played a significant role in this achievement. The company’s profit of 26.94 billion rupees slightly exceeded the expected 26.49 billion rupees. Despite facing challenges in a challenging macroeconomic environment, Wipro has demonstrated resilience in navigating through these headwinds.

Outlook and Expectations

Looking ahead, Wipro anticipates its March-quarter IT services revenue to range between $2.62 billion and $2.67 billion in constant currency terms. This projection follows a 1.7% sequential decline to $2.66 billion in October-December, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of falling revenue. The company remains cautiously optimistic, emphasizing the potential for positive results, especially if macroeconomic conditions improve.

Industry Context

India’s IT services sector, including market leaders Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys, has been grappling with challenges in a difficult macroeconomic environment. The United States and conflict-affected Europe, where clients have reduced discretionary tech spending, have posed significant hurdles. However, the positive quarterly reports and optimistic forecasts from industry leaders have eased concerns and propelled the shares of these companies higher.

Analysts’ Perspectives

Analyst Devang Bhatt from IDBI Capital Markets notes that the commentary from Wipro is slightly better than in previous quarters. He suggests that if the macroeconomic situation improves, businesses like consulting, which involve discretionary spending, are likely to show positive results. The overall sentiment in the market indicates that there is a belief that the worst may be over for the IT sector.

Updated Projections

Wipro’s positive performance contributes to the growing confidence in the IT services sector. While the company faced challenges in the preceding quarters, the recent results and outlook provide a more optimistic perspective. The market has already factored in the anticipation that the worst may be behind, leading to the advancement of IT stocks.


What led to the positive momentum for Wipro in the third quarter?

Wipro reported better-than-expected revenue in the third quarter, signaling a potential return to growth in client demand for its consulting services. The company’s consulting business, particularly boosted by the performance of Capco, has shown early signs of a positive trajectory.

How do Wipro’s results compare to industry giants TCS and Infosys?

Wipro’s results follow positive signals from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys, indicating that demand in the sector has not worsened as feared. The collective performance of these companies is contributing to a more optimistic outlook for the IT services industry.

What are the challenges faced by India’s IT services companies?

India’s IT services companies, including Wipro, have been facing challenges in a difficult macroeconomic environment, especially in the United States and conflict-affected Europe. Clients in these regions have reduced discretionary tech spending, posing hurdles for the sector.

What is the outlook for Wipro in the coming months?

Wipro anticipates its March-quarter IT services revenue to range between $2.62 billion and $2.67 billion. The company remains cautiously optimistic, emphasizing potential positive results, particularly if there is an improvement in macroeconomic conditions.

Final Thoughts

Wipro’s performance in the third quarter signals a potential turning point for the company and the broader IT services industry. The positive momentum, especially in the consulting business, provides a ray of hope amid the challenging macroeconomic environment. As the sector navigates through uncertainties, Wipro’s ability to adapt and showcase resilience becomes a testament to its strategic positioning in the evolving landscape. Investors and industry observers will be keenly watching for further developments, hoping for a sustained and robust recovery in the quarters to come.

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