AI Doge Presale Investment Stages

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency and NFTs, AI Doge stands out by integrating artificial intelligence with the iconic Doge meme. As anticipation grows for the presale stages, this guide unveils the benefits and insights essential for seizing this groundbreaking opportunity.

There is a hard ceiling of $14.9 million on the presale. AiDoge has a 1 trillion token maximum $AI supply, of which 500,000 (or 50%) are set aside for the presale.

After the presale, any remaining $AI will be burnt.

During the presale, investors can purchase $AI with ETH, USDT, BNB, or a credit card. Although there is no minimum investment required, buyers must pay Ethereum gas expenses.

Cryptocurrency buyers of $AI can remain anonymous. However, investors who want to use a credit card to make a payment must authenticate themselves.

AI Doge Presale Stages

AI Doge is set to launch its presale in multiple stages, each offering different investment opportunities and benefits. These stages are designed to allow early supporters and investors to get involved at various levels, ensuring a fair and inclusive process.

Stage 1: Private Sale

The private sale is the first and most exclusive stage of the AI Doge presale. This stage is reserved for a limited number of high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, offering them the opportunity to invest at the lowest possible price point. The private sale is typically conducted through personal connections or by invitation only.

Stage 2: Seed Sale

Following the private sale, the seed sale stage opens up to a wider range of investors. This stage is aimed at early adopters and enthusiasts who believe in the project’s vision and potential. The seed sale offers a discounted rate compared to the subsequent stages, incentivizing early investment.

Stage 3: Public Presale

The public presale is the first opportunity for the general public to participate in the AI Doge presale. This stage is open to anyone interested in investing, with no minimum investment requirements. The public presale typically offers a smaller discount compared to the earlier stages but still provides an attractive entry point for investors.

Stage 4: Main Sale (ICO/IEO)

The main sale, also known as the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), is the final and largest stage of the presale process. This stage is open to the general public and typically offers the tokens or NFTs at the highest price point. The main sale is often conducted on popular cryptocurrency exchanges or dedicated launchpads.

Each stage offered a specific number of tokens at a gradually increasing price. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Stage 1: This initial stage presented the most attractive price point for investors, with tokens offered at $0.00002600 each.
  • Stages 2-19: As the presale progressed, the price of tokens increased incrementally with each stage. This meant that the earlier you participated, the lower the price you paid per token.
  • Stage 20: The final stage marked the highest price point in the presale, with tokens offered at $0.00003360 each.

Benefits of Participating in the AI Doge Presale

  1. Participate in the presale as an early adopter, gaining exposure to AI Doge’s growth from the beginning.
  2. Access tokens or NFTs at discounted rates during presale stages, potentially increasing your return on investment.
  3. Enjoy exclusive benefits and access, especially in private sale stages unavailable during the main sale.
  4. Join the AI Doge community early, engaging with like-minded individuals and staying informed about the project’s progress.

Preparations for the AI Doge Presale

  1. Thoroughly research AI Doge, including its team, roadmap, and tokenomics, for an informed investment decision.
  2. Acquire a secure cryptocurrency wallet compatible with AI Doge tokens or NFTs.
  3. Ensure adequate funds in accepted cryptocurrencies or fiat for your chosen presale stage.
  4. Stay informed through official AI Doge channels and social media accounts for updates.
  5. Register and complete whitelisting processes, if required, for participation in the presale.

Post-Presale Steps

  1. Safeguard your AI Doge tokens or NFTs by transferring them to a secure wallet.
  2. Choose between holding your investment for long-term growth or exploring trading opportunities on supported exchanges.
  3. Stay connected with the AI Doge community through forums and social media channels for project updates and networking with other investors.
  4. Depending on the project’s structure, actively participate in governance decisions to shape the project’s future.

Is the AI Doge Presale Worthy?

Investing in AI Doge’s presale offers a unique blend of artificial intelligence and the popular Doge meme, presenting an innovative opportunity. Early backers may enjoy discounted rates, anticipating significant returns amid a growing community and increasing project hype. 

However, inherent risks accompany cryptocurrency investments, necessitating diligent research before deciding.


The AI Doge presale stages offer a unique opportunity for investors to get involved in this innovative project from the ground up. By participating in the presale, you can benefit from discounted prices, early adoption, and exclusive access, potentially maximizing your returns

However, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, prepare adequately, and manage your risks responsibly. With the right approach, the AI Doge presale could be a promising investment opportunity in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is AiDoge going to make $1?

According to the algorithmically created price estimate, AIDOGE will cost $ 0.0₉3756 on March 31, 2024, after declining by 7.71% during the next month. 

2. Which meme coin is going to hit $1?

The meme coin that is most likely to hit $1 first is dogecoin. In terms of market capitalization, community activity, and positive price movement, DOGE leads the pack.

3. Which meme cryptocurrency is growing the fastest?

With the largest cryptocurrency community and the fastest-growing meme coin globally, $GSPOT is poised to dominate the cryptocurrency landscape by 2024. 

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