BRICS Nations Forge Ahead with Blockchain Payment System to Sidestep US Dollar

This is a group of developing nations, called the BRICS bloc. They are working on a big change to use less US dollar. Led by China and Russia, they are starting up a new way to pay for things. This method uses blockchain, which is an important move for trading and money stuff without relying so much on dollars.

The Start of the BRICS Payment System

This is Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. They make up BRICS. For a while now, they’ve wanted to not depend as much on the global financial system that’s all about dollars. Now they’re revealing plans for their payment setup that works with digital fancy stuff like blockchain. They want to help governments, businesses and everyone do things easier, cheaper and without getting politics in the way.

Strategic Expansion and Membership

This year, the BRICS group got bigger. Countries like Egypt, Iran, Ethiopia, and the UAE joined them. This bigger group shows that more countries see it as another option besides the usual money systems. Now we have new members plus over 40 countries interested. They’re all not too happy with the way the US dollar leads everything and how sanctions often follow.

Technological Underpinnings and Goals

We don’t know yet what exact blockchain technology they will use. But what’s important is that blockchain can check transactions right away without anyone controlling it in one place. It could change how we send money around the world. We think it will make these payments safer and faster without using traditional banks or paying so much for each transaction.

The Economic and Political Implications

This is about a new payment system that could change how the world uses money. Countries in the group called BRICS want to use their own money instead of US dollars. This way, they can protect their economies from problems and avoid US rules.

  • This is about moving away from the dollar, These countries are starting to use their own cash and setting up something called the CRA. The idea is to have less control from the US dollar and stop it from being used to push other countries around.
  • This is about controlling their own money, The BRICS countries are trying to trade using their own currencies. They’re also thinking about making one currency for all of them. They want more control over their money and think it could lead to a world with more equal financial power.
  • This is about avoiding US rules, The BRICS might use something called blockchain to make payments without following US rules. This is significant for Russia as it deals with tough money limits after what happened in Ukraine.

Looking into the Future

This is a big step for the BRICS payment system and it could change international trade and finance. For a long time, everyone used the US dollar for global business but now there might be another option. This new choice comes from technology similar to what Bitcoin and Ethereum use called blockchain. It shows how technology can make new things happen in the money world.

As the five BRICS countries keep working on their blockchainbased way to pay other countries watch with interest. They are not just making a different way to send money they are thinking of new ways for all countries to deal with money matters. This move is brave because it aims for fairer dealings between countries without one currency calling all the shots. If this works it could mean we won’t just depend on the dollar anymore and that’s huge news.


The BRICS countries are making a new payment system. It uses blockchain and does not rely on the US dollar. They want their own financial freedom. Technology and working together are key to this big change. If it works out, we could see a world where money matters are more fair and varied. Countries could make their own choices without the US dollar being in charge.


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