Bioservo Technologies Ushers in New Era: Appoints Michael Forss as Interim CFO

Bioservo Technologies AB, a Swedish public company listed on Nasdaq First North under the ticker BIOS. The company has confirmed the appointment of Michael Forss as their new interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and member of the management team, commencing on July 7, 2023.

The Succession

In his new position, Michael succeeds Madeleine Börjesson, who held the position of CFO prior to this appointment. Börjesson’s dedication and valuable contributions to the company have left an indelible mark on Bioservo Technologies.

The New CFO’s Profile

Holding a stellar background as an auditor and partner at EY, Michael Forss brings a wealth of experience to the table. His expertise is honed from years working with public companies in an international environment.

Post EY Experience

After his tenure at EY, Michael Forss embarked on a new journey in 2019. He established his own consulting company, which primarily offers advice on financial accounting, reporting, and business management. This entrepreneurial endeavor has sharpened his skills further, preparing him for his latest role at Bioservo.

Gratitude to the Former CFO

Bioservo Technologies has expressed its gratitude to Madeleine Börjesson, the outgoing CFO. Börjesson’s role in the company was instrumental, and her commitment and contributions were vital to the growth of the company. As Börjesson steps down, the company extends its warm wishes for her future endeavors.


1. Who is the new CFO of Bioservo Technologies?

Michael Forss, an experienced auditor and former partner at EY, has been appointed as the new interim CFO of Bioservo Technologies.

2. When will Michael Forss assume his new position as CFO?

Michael Forss is set to take up his position as the CFO of Bioservo Technologies on July 7, 2023.

3. What previous experience does Michael Forss bring to his role at Bioservo?

Michael Forss has an extensive background as an auditor and partner at EY, where he gained invaluable experience with public companies in an international environment. Since 2019, he has been running his own consulting company that offers advice in financial accounting, reporting, and business management.

4. Who was the previous CFO of Bioservo Technologies?

The position of CFO at Bioservo Technologies was previously held by Madeleine Börjesson.

5. What has Bioservo said regarding Madeleine Börjesson’s resignation?

Bioservo Technologies has expressed its heartfelt thanks to Madeleine Börjesson for her valuable contribution to the company. They have also wished her all the best for her future.


Key Stats Table:

Company Name Bioservo Technologies AB
Exchange Nasdaq First North
Ticker BIOS
New Interim CFO Michael Forss
Previous CFO Madeleine Börjesson
CFO Change Date July 7, 2023


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