Chevron Faces Write-Downs and Regulatory Challenges in Q4 2023 Report

Lowered investment in California and legal disputes over legacy properties contribute to Q4 writedowns.

Oil giant Chevron (CVX) prepares to report its Q4 2023 results with a significant financial and operational weight: non-cash writedowns of $3.5 to $4 billion. This unexpected financial burden stems from two key areas: impairments on Californian assets due to regulatory hurdles and the potential responsibility for abandoned wells and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico.


California’s Regulatory Squeeze:


Chevron’s Californian investments face increasing pressure from stringent regulations, leading to a reassessment of future investments. The company cites these regulatory challenges as the primary reason for the asset impairment in the state. Chevron’s President of Americas Products, Andy Walz, expressed concerns in a November letter to state officials, highlighting cancelled projects due to permitting difficulties. Despite the writedowns, Chevron intends to continue operating these assets for the foreseeable future, currently producing around 75,000 barrels of oil and gas per day in Central California.


Gulf of Mexico Legacy Issues:


Adding to the Q4 financial burden, Chevron may be on the hook for abandoned wells and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico, previously sold to Fieldwood Energy. Fieldwood filed for bankruptcy in 2020, leaving behind decommissioning obligations that could now potentially fall back on Chevron. While legal disputes surround these claims, Chevron believes there’s a “probable and estimable” chance of assuming some of these decommissioning responsibilities over the next decade.


Financial Impact and Market Outlook:


These write-downs are expected to negatively impact Chevron’s Q4 earnings, with Wall Street analysts already revising their estimates downward. Analysts at LSEG predict a lower profit of $6.68 billion, or $3.27 per share, compared to $7.85 billion, or $4.09 per share, in the same quarter a year ago. This news comes amidst operational setbacks throughout 2023, further clouding Chevron’s immediate financial outlook.




What caused Chevron’s writedowns?

Chevron’s writedowns stem from two main factors: impaired California assets due to stricter regulations and potential responsibility for abandoned Gulf of Mexico wells previously sold to Fieldwood Energy.

Will Chevron continue operating its Californian assets?

Yes, Chevron plans to continue operating its Californian assets despite the writedowns, although future investments might be impacted by regulations.

What are the legal implications of the Gulf of Mexico abandoned wells?

Legal disputes surround the responsibility for decommissioning the abandoned wells and pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico. While Chevron believes they might have to take on some of these obligations, the outcome remains uncertain.

How will this affect Chevron’s Q4 earnings?

The write-downs are expected to lower Chevron’s Q4 earnings, with analysts predicting a decline in profits compared to the same quarter in 2023.

Final Thoughts:


Chevron’s Q4 2023 report paints a picture of financial and operational challenges. While the company continues to operate in California, stricter regulations are impacting investment decisions. Additionally, the potential responsibility for abandoned Gulf of Mexico wells adds another layer of uncertainty. Despite these setbacks, Chevron holds a strong position in the energy sector, and its long-term outlook remains relatively positive. The company’s ability to navigate these challenges and adapt to shifting regulatory landscapes will be crucial in determining its future success.

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