OpenAI Seeks New Funding at $100 Billion Valuation

OpenAI, the company behind the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, is reportedly seeking a new round of funding that would value the company at $100 billion or more. According to a Bloomberg report, the terms, timing, and final valuation of this potential funding round have not yet been finalized.

Key Details of Potential New Funding Round

Here are some of the key details that have emerged so far about OpenAI’s efforts to raise additional investment:

Early stage talks are underway about a new funding round at or above a $100 billion valuation

The round could raise between $8 billion and $10 billion from Abu Dhabi-based firm G42

Discussions have covered a possible new chip venture with G42

Unclear if the chip venture would be part of the wider company funding

Separate tender offer in progress that would allow employees to sell shares at $86 billion valuation

Recent Funding and Growth

The potential new funding round comes on the heels of massive growth and surging valuation for OpenAI over the past year. Some key events:

Microsoft committed to invest over $10 billion in OpenAI in 2019

ChatGPT’s launch in November 2022 sparked mainstream AI interest

Previous funding round raised $300 million at $30 billion valuation in 2021

ChatGPT’s popularity has further accelerated OpenAI’s valuation

Leadership Changes

OpenAI has also recently undergone leadership changes, though current CEO Sam Altman was quickly reinstated:

Altman temporarily ousted as CEO on November 17

Caused concern among investors and employees

Altman reinstated as CEO four days later

Promised a new board as part of return

What’s Next

With the incredible buzz surrounding ChatGPT and generative AI, OpenAI finds itself in an enviable position. The reported new funding round would provide additional capital for the company to continue expanding its capabilities.


Key questions include how OpenAI will utilize the new funding, whether the leadership changes have been fully resolved, and how the company plans to further monetize its services. With Microsoft’s backing and increasing public interest in AI, OpenAI seems poised for more big things ahead.


Who are the main investors in this new funding round?

The key named investor so far is Abu Dhabi-based firm G42. Other investors have not been confirmed.

What is OpenAI planning to use the new funding for?

Likely uses could include expanding research capabilities, hiring more talent, advancing new technologies like specialized AI chips, and rolling out commercial products.

Is OpenAI profitable currently?

As a private company, OpenAI’s financials are not disclosed publicly. It likely operates at a loss currently as it plows money into ambitious research. Monetization would help turn a profit.

Final Thoughts

OpenAI reaching a $100 billion valuation would indicate incredible confidence among investors in both the company specifically and AI’s future potential broadly.

With risky emerging technologies like advanced AI, major funding rounds are key to making the long-term investments required to push boundaries. OpenAI now has the opportunity to shape the course of AI progress for years to come with its war chest of funding.

The responsibilities accompanying that power and influence are equally monumental. OpenAI must continue to thoughtfully consider critical ethical issues around AI safety and transparency as it advances ever-more capable AI systems. Responsible innovation that keeps the public interest at heart is imperative as this technology grows more omnipresent in society.


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