Is Solana Planning to Launch a Second Crypto Phone?

News is circulating that Solana Mobile, the team behind the daring Saga smartphone, may be gearing up back for round two. Despite initial struggles, the first crypto-based phone saw an unexpected rise in popularity, sparking rumors of a successor with a bolder strategy and a more economical price tag. 

So here is a brief glimpse into the story behind Solana’s mobile ambitions and what we can expect from this next chapter.

The Rocky Launch of Solana’s Saga

Launched last year, Saga emerged as a pioneer in the budding world of crypto-centric smartphones. The device features a built-in wallet, custom Android software, and a dedicated app store and aims to become the go-to platform for on-the-go crypto enthusiasts. 

However, the $1,000 price tag and niche market initially resulted in sluggish sales for the phone while its backers even considered moving on from the experiment at one point. Subsequently, the price was reduced to $599, a 40% decrease from the original price tag!

However, the discovery of a hidden gem within Saga turned the tide dramatically. Each phone came equipped with an allocation of BONK tokens, a meme-based cryptocurrency. The value of these tokens skyrocketed in no time, so much so that it quickly exceeded the cost of the phone itself. Suddenly, Saga was not just a smartphone; it was being perceived as a ticket to highly rewarding airdrops and exclusive access to the developing world of further Solana-based projects.

From a Sell-Off to Sold Out- Saga Sales Take Off

The BONK frenzy soon turned the tables for Saga. Within a week, we witnessed the limited first edition being sold out. The phone was so much in demand that Solana had to report inventory management issues as it could not meet the market demand, despite the fact that the price of Saga had hiked almost six times. 

The phone’s initial owners became a privileged class, showered with valuable airdrops from various blockchain projects. These airdrops led to the development of a thriving community around Saga, attracting developers and solidifying the phone’s niche within the crypto ecosystem. 


A Second Mobile- Is Solana  Trying to Leverage Affordability and Community?

Word on the street suggests Solana Mobile is not planning to rest on its newfound success. Rumors point to a new phone entering the scene, one that maintains the core crypto-centric features of its predecessor but with one important twist, which is making it affordable. While there has been no official statement from Solana, it is being said that by lowering the price and possibly tweaking the hardware specifications, Solana may be hoping to widen its user base and capitalize on the constantly increasing demand for mobile access to the crypto world.

The success of the first Saga smartphone by Solana, driven by the surprise BONK tokens reward, has proven that there is an appetite for smartphones that are specifically designed for crypto-savvy users, and it may continue to rise in the future.

If the rumors are true, it seems that Solana Mobile is hoping to capitalize on this momentum and make the most of the opportunity. By making entry to the market more accessible via affordability and promoting the existing community, the second chapter of their cryptophone Saga could be a true game-changer.

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