Regulatory Breakthrough for Bitcoin-Bulls Predict $100K Price Surge After Spot ETF Approval

The world of cryptocurrency currently seems to be brimming with optimism after the Securities and Exchange Commission’s historic approval of 11 spot bitcoin ETFs. Crypto bulls who have been looking forward to regulatory validation for a long time see this move as a potential booster for bitcoin’s price, with some even setting their sights on a six-figure target by year’s end. Let’s have a look at what this means and what the implications of this move could be.

The SEC Approval for Spot Bitcoin ETFs- What it means

The green light from the SEC marks a significant moment for the promising asset class. For years, hopes for a spot ETF that tracks the underlying price of bitcoin itself, have been repeatedly dashed by regulatory hurdles. This approval, however, opens the door for institutional investors and paves the way for them to gain exposure to Bitcoin through a familiar and regulated vehicle.

Bullish Forecast vs. Cautious Outlook

The limited supply of bitcoin combined with a potentially huge increase in demand from spot ETFs creates an attractive environment for significant price appreciation. The expectation for this moment had already been fueling a hike in the price of Bitcoin, which has climbed by 70% since late October. Now, with the regulatory hurdle removed, analysts are forecasting an even more explosive growth.

Standard Chartered, a prominent financial institution, is particularly bullish at present. Their strategists predict that spot ETFs could attract massive inflows of $50 billion to $100 billion into Bitcoin this year alone, and they have set an astounding $200,000 price target for the end of 2025.

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, a vocal bitcoin proponent, also shares this optimism. He expects the cryptocurrency to climb to $100,000-$150,000 within the next year, eventually soaring to $500,000 over the next five. 

While these sky-high projections are generating excitement on one end, some voices are calling for cautious expectations on the other. For instance, University of Sussex economist Carol Alexander, who accurately predicted Bitcoin’s slump in 2022 and subsequent revival, is of the opinion that a price range of $70,000-$100,000 by year’s end is more realistic.


What is Next for Bitcoin

Concerns regarding Bitcoin’s future are also lingering. Former PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian acknowledges the SEC’s approval of being a game changer but argues that it is unlikely to significantly expand Bitcoin’s real-world usage as a currency. Hence, while anchoring crypto in the investment world is important, its role as a global currency remains uncertain. 

The SEC itself maintains a moderate perspective, emphasizing Bitcoin’s inherent volatility and its association with illicit activities like ransomware and money laundering.

Final Note

Despite these cautionary voices, the SEC’s green light for spot ETFs is being largely perceived as a positively momentous move that has undeniably injected a powerful boost of adrenaline into the crypto market. For the Bitcoin bulls, it is a validation of their belief in the digital asset’s long-term potential. With institutional money potentially flooding in the coming days, the next twelve months could indeed witness a historical pick-up for Bitcoin, resulting in a six-figure price tag being no more a prediction but a reality.

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